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Logo design

Our philosophy

We suggest you create a simple logo for your brand – one that still has meaning but also one with longevity. Try and ignore fashion and concentrate on distilling your message in to as simple form as possible.

Great logo design London, UK

The BBC, IBM, FedEx, Nike, Shell and Sony have rarely had to update their logos (we didn't design these!). Instead they've kept the same mark, but just updated the library of secondary materials they use around the it (illustration, photography and typography etc) . This is exactly what we think you should do!

Our approach

It's pretty simple. We talk to you about what you do and why you think people should use your product or service over someone else's. We'll then want to know about your competition, so we can ensure you'll stand out amongst them. It wouldn't be a great idea to have a red logo if your main rival is use the same colour!

Interested in finding out more?

Simply contact us for a no obligation chat. We'll be delighted to tell you more about what we do and can show you plenty of examples of our work in action.

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