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.co domains now available for registration

Unable to register the .com or domain you wanted?

.co is the country code domain for Colombia. It was originally assigned to the University of The Andes in Bogotá, Colombia. For many years, the University kept a tight control on the domain suffix, limiting its use to Colombian companies. Consequently only about 28,000 .co domains were registered. About ten years ago, the University started to discuss opening up the suffix. Then Colombia's Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications got involved. They finally awarded a partnership of Arcelandia SA and Neustar a contract to run the domain for 10 years.

So why is this interesting?

If you are a company, a community, a committee or running a commerce website and have failed to get the .com (or you wanted, then a registering a .co domain could be the answer. The .co domain also works well if your organisation ends with co (for example or

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